With rich experience in the execution of all the professional waterproofing systems, AUSTRODACH PROFILE SRL is your reliable partner, for carrying out this type of works both for the new civil or industrial buildings, and for the existing buildings, which require rehabilitation works of the damaged waterproofing systems.


The waterproofing of the terrances should provide a perfect seal, be resistant to atmospheric weathering or mechanical actions, if it is walkable, be sustainable and ensure good protection of the building. Depending on the solution chosen AUSTRODACH PROFILE SRL carries out waterproofing by using bituminous membrane or high quality PVC. Both the primers and the membranes used are supplied by prestigious manufacturers in the field (VILLAS, SIKA, etc.), which gives an additional guarantee in terms of quality for the works executed.

Classic terraces

For the classical terraces, we can carry out, in the following order, the vapor barrier, the thermal insulation using expanded polystyrene or mineral wool, as appropriate, then the bituminous membrane waterproofing in one or more layers (the last layer being a bituminous slate), or PVC membrane waterproofing.

Reversed Terraces

For this type of terrace, we first carry out bitumen membranes or PVC waterproofing, the thermal insulation using extruded polystyrene, and a protective layer of pure sifted gravel. We can also execute walkable terraces (with gravel layer, concrete slabs, etc.) as needed.

Green Terraces

The execution of green terraces requires special care. For these terraces, built in the classic version, we take into account the use of anti-root membranes, the proper execution of the drainage layer, of the layer of soil and of the vegetation layer. This type of terrace gives a special touch of comfort, elegance and proximity to nature.

Double Seem Roof System

PROFILE AUSTRODACH LLC carries out double seam roofs in RAL painted galvanized steel frame, titanium- zinc, copper or aluminum metal sheet. The complying with the traditional architecture or a modern design is achieved by the elegant lines of the vertical double seam.

Bemo Profiled Metal Sheet

By using BEMO profiled system to execute  roofs, AUSTRODACH PROFILE SRL provides additional guarantee on sustainability, the modern look of the buildings, as well as quality in execution.

Metal Scales

The metal scales manufactured by AUSTRODACH PROFILE SRL, carried out from various materials, are very easy to install because of the way in which they were designed, perfectly combining between them.

They are used both in the execution of new roofs, and in restorations, being well suited for domes and for other types of buldings.


The ornaments are elements common in old buildings and which gives them a speal look.

The skylight, a small window open on a side of the roof, for the illumination and the ventilation of the space under the cover, is also a decorative architectural element that requires experience and high qualification for the works of restoration.

Fiber Cement Panels

The use of fiber cement, ETERNIT or CEMBER, production, for the execution of the roofs, coupled with the experience, the reliability and the qualification of the AUSTRODACH PROFILE S.R.L. specialists is a sure guarantee for the execution of a quality roof with a great look.

Sandwich panels

The thermal insulation panels consisting of two metal sheets with colored protective system and a an insulator core, the so called sandwich panels are used for the execution of facades, of roofs, of the ceilings, of the partition walls or of the ceilings for industrial, commercial buildings, warehouses, logistics centers, etc.

The quality of the materials used, the expertise and the reliability of our AUSTRODACH PROFILE S.R.L. specialists represents the guarantee for your works.

Ventilated Facades

The use of ventilated facades technology aims to maintain a constant temperature inside the buildings, to save the energy and avoid moisture, which can lead to corrosion.

AUSTRODACH PROFILE S.R.L. conducted several major objectives by this closing system using high quality products.

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